What Insurance Coverage Do You Need For Your Church?

Church Insurance: 15 Important Things You Need To Cover

Here are 15 things every church insurance policy should have.

#1. Protection Against Legal Action – LIABILITY Insurance

#2. Church Insurance for Your PROPERTY

#3. Coverage for Accusations of SEXUAL ABUSE & MOLESTATION

#4. Protection for COUNSELORS

#5. Coverage for Employee Injuries – WORKERS COMPENSATION

#6. Protection In the Event of a FLOOD

#7. Insurance for Accusations Made by Employees – EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY

#8. Special EVENT Coverage

#9. Insurance for MISSIONS

#10. Covering Your Church Van or Bus – BUSINESS AUTO

#11. Protections for Accusations Against Your Church Board – DIRECTORS & OFFICERS

#12. Coverage for Large Claims – UMBRELLA

# 13. Protection if Your Computers Are Breached – CYBER

#14. Coverage If Money Is Stolen – MONIES & SECURITIES

#15. Coverage for Church VOLUNTEERS

Churches must be diligent in making sure their insurance needs are properly placed.

A custom church insurance program written by a church insurance agency will help assure that your ministry will be able to continue even if the unforeseen happens.

Our agency is proud to provide insurance for many churches across the country.

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