Do You Have Medicare Supplement Coverage?


Don’t let health care costs drain your savings.

You have spent a lifetime working hard—planning and saving for a retirement that’s carefree.  The last thing you want to worry about when you finally hit retirement age is how you are going to pay for health care expenses.


Medicare Supplement Insurance helps share your health care costs.

If you are 65 years of age or older, you are entitled to Medicare, the nation’s largest health insurance program. Because Medicare is a compromise between what is needed and what the government can afford to pay, there are obvious gaps in coverage. That is why a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan is important.

Medicare Supplement Insurance from will help pay some of your health care costs not covered by the Original Medicare Plan, like coinsurance and deductibles. Plus, it’s affordable! Our Medicare Supplement Insurance plans have rates that will not strain your household budget.

To qualify for Medicare Supplement Insurance, you must first enroll in Medicare. You can sign up for Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) by following this link for Medicare online enrollment.  If you enroll in Original Medicare, you also may enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D) to add drug coverage.

Get comprehensive coverage with Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F is our most popular plan, generally because it has very comprehensive coverage available to the senior population. If you purchase this plan, you will rarely pay medical bills because all medical and hospital deductibles and coinsurance amounts for Medicare-eligible expenses are covered. Medicare Part B excess approved amounts may not exceed any charge limitations established by Medicare.

What’s worse? Taxes, dental visit or health insurance?


What’s worse? Taxes, a dental visit or health insurance? Survey finds Americans really hate shopping for health insurance!

Everyone knows shopping for health insurance isn’t fun, but it’s not as bad as doing your own taxes, right? Wrong. A recent Bankrate survey found that Americans hate shopping for health insurance. Make that really hate shopping for health insurance. They hate it so much that 75 percent of survey participants said comparing health plans is as bad as or worse than doing their own taxes.

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Yep, shopping for insurance is apparently beyond awful. It’s so awful that 73 percent of participants said it’s as bad as or worse than being stuffed in the middle seat of an airplane, while 64 percent said it’s as bad as or worse than having a tooth filled. Read more…