Teledoc – By Pass the Office Visit!

teladoc2Entire family can have access to a doctor 24/7/365 for $20 a month!

Never leave your home to speak with a doctor and get a prescription faxed into your pharmacy!

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When we get sick, we don’t always need to go to a doctor’s office, do we? Going to the doctor for a cold that won’t go away versus going to the doctor for an annual exam or cancer screening are much different. The problem is that medical staffs are short staffed. If your appointment is at 3:00 pm, you are expected to check-in at 2:45 pm and may not even see your doctor until 4:00pm. This means, you have to leave work early and miss out on pay.

Today, I want to share how you can see a doctor in a different way – via phone/video! Sounds crazy, but with all advances in technology, it’s genius! Did you know…?

70% of all doctor visits could have been handled via phone/video?

With the Affordable Health Care Act, and Universal Healthcare costs, many Americans are finding themselves in positions that are, well, not so affordable. I’ve personally met with people who say that they would rather take the required fine for not purchasing insurance then pay their insurance premium. There are two sides to every story, but the truth be told:


As a business owner myself, I find that it is difficult to make time to see the doctor, and pay out of pocket office visit fees for a simple infection or cough. Financially, it hurts both me, and my business. If you work full-time, attend school, or have a jam packed schedule, you can relate. Even IF I am forced to enroll in Universal Health Care, what if my doctor is overbooked or I simply can’t afford to take time to go?

While having this conversation with a colleague, he told me about a program which will cover individuals or entire families! Teledoc! I can actually sign up for this program, and use my phone to contact a doctor directly for minor illnesses. On top of that, he will write a prescription if necessary and fax it to my pharmacy. 

While working in this new Affordable Health Care system, I see areas which are causing premiums to rise. You see, most healthy young people, between 18-35 don’t visit the doctor too often. This is what the Affordable Health Care Act is banking on for the funding of the new system. The younger people are required to pay in to the system, but likely won’t use their physician as much. Not just that, I have several clients and family members over the age of 60 years old who’s premiums have also gone up! This is not affordable for any of us.

What if there was another solution for those who find health insurance unafforable, or even for those who already have health insurance, but want a supplement program? There is!

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