D6 Family Theme: Sin Entered the World


Read 1 John 2:15-17

My understanding of Scripture leads me to conclude that as long as we live in these mortal bodies our struggle with temptation will always be with us. This, however, does not leave us in a hopeless situation. God has graciously told us in His Word about the temptations the world offers us.

· The lust of the flesh—the temptation to fulfill right desires in wrong ways.

· The lust of the eyes—the temptation to turn good things into ultimate, and thus sinful things.

· The pride of life—the temptation to do what we do for our own glory instead of God’s.

If we are honest, we know all about these temptations. Why should we resist these temptations (verses 15, 17)? How does knowing about the nature of temptation enable you to resist it?

FUSIONext Fact : Being tempted is inevitable; surrendering to it is not.

(D6 Devotion – Randall House)

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