Are You Making The Most Of Your Potential?

Are you making the most of your gifts and opportunities?

Years ago I committed to living by this principle, “My potential is God’s gift to me. What I do with my potential is my gift to Him.” 

I believe I’m accountable to God, my family, others, and myself for every gift, talent, resource, and opportunity I have in life. If I give less than my best, then I am shirking my responsibility. UCLA coach John Wooden said it best, “Make everyday your masterpiece.” If we give our best all the time, we can make our lives into something special. And that will overflow into the lives of others.

_________________________________Jon Cannon

Are You An Entrepreneur Too?

You may or may not know this about me, but I’ve always
been an entrepreneur at heart. And I’m proud to say I just made an important decision.

If you’re an entrepreneur too, you’ll definitely appreciate this.

There’s a great story about President Dwight Eisenhower. He once told the National Press Club that he regretted not having a better political background so that he would be a better orator. He said his lack of skill in that area reminded him of his boyhood in Kansas when an old farmer had a cow for sale. The buyer asked the farmer about the cow’s pedigree, butterfat production, and monthly production of milk. The farmer said, “I don’t know what a pedigree is, and I don’t have any idea about butterfat production, but she’s a good cow, and she’ll give you all the milk she has.” That is all any of us can do – give all that we have. That’s always enough!


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