Build The Career You’ve Always Hoped For Using LinkedIn

linkedin_3f937db_thumbLinkedIn is an insanely useful tool for every working person, not to mention every job-seeker and student. The only unfortunate thing about LinkedIn as a job search tool is that most of what’s powerful about LinkedIn as a job-search tool is not obvious to the casual LinkedIn user.

If the only thing you’re doing on LinkedIn is updating your profile every now and then and waiting for the headhunters and recruiting managers to reach out, you’re missing the boat.

LinkedIn is a massive database, and within its gazillions of records are critical elements in your job-search plan and strategy.

What’s the #1 best job search tool that almost everyone is missing out on? You guessed it: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can help you build the career you’ve always hoped for, with minimal effort, and at any age. Yet most people don’t use or even know about the many LinkedIn tools that can make job search and career advancement easier and more effective.

Whether you already have a LinkedIn profile or have never used the site, this guide will provide everything you need to know to unlock the power of LinkedIn, including how to:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile that attracts hiring managers, even when you’re not actively looking.
  • Maintain your privacy while becoming highly visible to the right people.
  • Research potential best-fit employers.
  • Find open positions that others are missing.
  • Easily build a network that will open doors of opportunity for you.

Even if you implement just a few of the suggestions in this guide, you’ll be ahead of your competition and more in control of your career path.linkedin-lg






Here are a few FREE tips to help beef up your LinkedIn profile:

Make Your Headline Count

Your LinkedIn headline (just below your name) is your online brand, because your name and your headline are the only things a LinkedIn user will see when s/he conducts a search on the LinkedIn database and your profile comes up as one of the search returns. Your headline, your name and your profile photo are the only cues that user will get before deciding whether or not to click through your headline to your full profile. Make your headline count!

“Marketer seeking next opportunity” is weak, but “Consumer Products Marketer Looking for Small Brand to Make Big” tells your next boss what you plan to deliver.

Follow Your Target Companies

If you’ve got specific companies on your target list — and I highly recommend that you create a list like that, if you don’t have one now — you can follow them on LinkedIn via their Company pages. That way, you’ll hear about anything new they’ve got cooking, from a new branch office opening to a new product release. Company news is exactly the kind of thing you can mention in a Pail Letter you’re writing to reach your target hiring manager. Why not follow a handful of your favorite companies right now?

Broaden Your Network

The bigger your first-degree network on LinkedIn, of course, the bigger your entire network will be. One new first-degree contact with 100 connections of her own can expand your first-second-and-third-degree network by tens of thousands of people. That’s good at any point, but especially in a job search where you’re looking for as much visibility into your professional ecosystem as you can get.



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