From Pastor to Entrepreneur


Every time I get a chance to talk to occupational ministers, I try to delicately pry open the idea of entrepreneurialism.

In the Old Testament, there was a dividing line between the classes. The farmers got land as an inheritance in the promised land. The priests got no land, but “the Lord himself.” They couldn’t get each other’s take. Continue reading “From Pastor to Entrepreneur”

Run Your Business Like A Business … Because It Is!


To all my Network Marketer colleagues. Kudos to you for pursuing your dream! I love your entrepreneur spirit! However, we cannot be experts in every area of our business. Therefore, allow me to help protect your dream and business!

Tonight at 7:30 PM Central (8:30 PM Eastern) there will be a FREE NETWORK MARKETER Legal Plan Conference Call. EVERY Network Marketer, regardless of the company and product you promote NEEDS to run their business like a business, which means LEGALLY setting up and protecting your business!

Here’s the number: 712-432-7608 pin 68851#

Check out the Network Marketers Legal Plan:

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