Will Your Family Get Paid for Taking Care of You?

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Your children want to help with your care so you can stay in your home. But you worry about their lost income from time off work. How about a long-term care policy that pays them for taking care of you?

Here’s How It Works

You buy a long-term care policy that offers “informal caregiver” benefits.

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What You Get

  • Peace of mind—no worry about how to pay for long-term care
  • Stay at home, where you’re comfortable
  • Get care from your family (informal caregivers) and a certified in-home health aide
  • Financial compensation for your children, grandchildren, or other informal caretaker(s)

Don’t let the cost of care eat into your savings or rob your children of an inheritance. Planning ahead with long-term care insurance can reward them and give you peace of mind.

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