What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance? Do I Need It?


Mortgage protection life insurance is an important financial planning tool that allows families to stay in their home after a loved one dies.

Most homeowners understand having life insurance is important to protect the family when they are gone. Most homeowners also want to make sure their homes are safe should they die unexpectedly. Continue reading “What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance? Do I Need It?”

Do You Have Diabetes? Think You Will Never Get Life Insurance?

2018-08-15 (3)If you’re one of the 25.8 million people in the U.S. with diabetes, you might think you can’t get life insurance … but think again!

If your diabetes is under control, you can get affordable life insurance to protect your family.

If you’re staying healthy and seeing your doctor for regular check-ups, we can help I can help you get affordable coverage.

Top 5 Factors for Diabetic Life Insurance: Continue reading “Do You Have Diabetes? Think You Will Never Get Life Insurance?”

Here’s Your Chance to Be Their Hero!

When you buy life insurance, you become your family’s real-life superhero.

2018-08-15 (2)

You have the power to shop, save, and guard your family against financial insecurity!

It’s easy to get the best price on life insurance. After all, superheros don’t have time to waste!

Life insurance helps you: Continue reading “Here’s Your Chance to Be Their Hero!”

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?


We have all struggled with this one important question: How much life insurance should you buy? I can help you answer that question in 2 easy steps.

1. Cash Now

If you passed away, your family would need an instant infusion of cash to pay for any last medical expenses and a funeral. But how much will that be?

The average cost of a traditional funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000. That’s not counting any doctor or hospital bills your spouse may be left with after you’re gone. If you’re in doubt, leaving $10,000 to $15,000 to handle these expenses is a good place to start.


Continue reading “How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?”

Types of Insurance Policies


You know that you need life insurance. However, with the wide variety of insurance policies available, you may find choosing the right one difficult. It’s really not as confusing as it seems, however, once you understand the basic types of life insurance policies. Continue reading “Types of Insurance Policies”

An Easy Way To Leave a Financial Legacy

Family Farm Road

I have been a pastor for more than 25 years. I understand the pressures and stress of financing a church ministry or any other non-profit organization. Churches and pastors completely depend on the tithe and offering of those we serve in our congregations.


What if there was a simple way to overcome some of these financial pressures and educate our parishioners about an easy way to leave a financial legacy – a legacy that blesses our church ministry for years after we are in Heaven?

Well, there is! It’s called Charitable Giving through Life Insurance! Continue reading “An Easy Way To Leave a Financial Legacy”

Using My Trials as Stepping Stones


Meet Kiara…..

Most of my childhood consisted of hospital waiting rooms, bad cafeteria food and doctors’ names I couldn’t pronounce. I became inevitably involved with my father’s illness at age 9. I gave shots and dosed medicine. Not the definition of a “daddy’s little girl” others would expect, but that was my childhood.

My father’s illness took his life when I was 11, leaving behind his wife and five children. Soon after, we woke up to the bitter realization of our deteriorating financial situation. The burden that was placed on my mother’s shoulders is one that nobody should have to carry alone. If my dad had had life insurance, it would have taken away the constant financial worry.

I’m now the only child in my family to have graduated from high school. And although the financial struggle to go to college continue, and I will use my trials as stepping stones and my education will be the foundation on which I build my life.

I wish I could say it better, but I can’t form a sentence that expresses how much my family would have benefited from life insurance. Although setbacks have struck me when I am down, I’ve found that true failure lies when I stop trying. I refused to give up then, and I refuse to give up now.



Four Ways Life Insurance Can Help You Meet Your Charitable Giving Goals


Usually when you hear about life insurance, the focus is on the financial security it can provide for you and your family. But whole life insurance can also be a useful tool if you’ve got a favorite cause you want to support in a significant way — whether it’s helping research a medical cure, giving back to your alma mater or any other issue that’s important to you. Making whole life insurance part of your overall giving strategy may provide benefits to your family and the charity alike. Here are four ways it may help achieve your goals.

Make the Charity Your Beneficiary

The most straightforward way to support a charity with whole life insurance is to make it a beneficiary of the policy. This makes it possible to donate a larger gift than you might otherwise be able to give all at once. For example, for about $110 a month, a healthy 40-year-old female might be able to purchase a policy with a $100,000 death benefit. That is probably a lot more than she’d normally be able to donate to her favorite charity, assuming she isn’t hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in her mattress.

What’s great about this approach is the flexibility it provides. You can opt to have the entire policy death benefit paid to the charity or split it with other beneficiaries. You can also name more than one charity as a beneficiary. It’s totally up to you.

With this method, nothing is irreversible. If your circumstances change, or you wish to support other charities, you can simply change the beneficiaries or the proportion of the benefit they each should receive. As long as you are alive, you retain access to all of the policy’s features and benefits.

Remember, the charity doesn’t get your gift until you die and you receive no income tax deduction. Some might see this as a drawback. However, some prefer to make their gift after death as a legacy of their life. Others appreciate the anonymity of gifting life insurance proceeds because they are not part of the probate process that becomes public record.
Continue reading “Four Ways Life Insurance Can Help You Meet Your Charitable Giving Goals”

CRMS – Who We Are

Debbie and I have spent the last 26 years, of our 31 years of marriage, serving families. We have ministered to families in a variety of ways including spiritual counsel, finances and family budget planPicture1ning, parental coaching, child development, insurance consultation, and most recently we added to our services identity theft, legal services, and small business benefits  As you can see, we really do care about serving families!

Therefore, we decided to bring all of these services under one name called Cannon Risk Management Solutions.  Our mission at CRMS is to protect your family, finances, and your future!  We offer a variety of solutions to help you minimize your risk and exposure, thus protecting your family, finances, and your future!

We would love to serve you and your family.  Contact us today for a free consultation and let us evaluate how we can best serve you. You have worked hard to provide for your family, finances, and your future; now, let us help you protect it all! Click here to contact us today and let’s get started minimizing your risk!

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